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What is Otherkin Edit

What is an Otherkin, otherkin are people who believe themselves to be by soul nonhuman, they are various beings from another realm/planetary system believed to reincarnate/incarnate into a human body through the human body. There are various beings such as angels, demons, dragons, elves, keres, and animal souls.

Psychological Otherkin

Psychological Otherkin are those that believe they are Otherkin/Therians due to psychological means, they believe they have traits of the being and or animal which they based on their personal analysis and not the actually knowing not all beings of one race share a psychological trait, but it's their belief that said occur is true.

Fictional kin Edit

These type of otherkin believe they are otherkin from books, cartoons, animes, and video games, and memes. Though some fictional things take the existing beings and incorporate them into their creations not all fictional beings exist outside of the mental plane/ astral plane as thought forms.