What is visualization and why is it important to your life? Visualization is the practice in which a person intentionally focuses mental energy on a specific idea, image, or desired outcome for a prescribed amount of time. This is done for the purpose of sending the focused energy out into the quantum field where it can then synchronistically manifest into the life of the visualizer.



clear your mind, relax, and close your eyes. Visualize yourself standing on the beach. Now walk to the water and feel the its temperature and moisture. Hear the sounds of the crashing water hitting the shore and hear people around you laughing and swimming in the ocean. Then go to a fruit stand and pick up a lemon. Cut it open and smell its tangy, citrus scent. Take a bite and taste how sour it is. Feel your tongue tingle as the juice flows over it. If you do this right, your mouth will be watery and you may have goosebumps. Practicing this daily will let you get a feel of how powerful simple visualization can be.


Note:- visualization is very important to manifest your desires.