Telekinesis 2
Telekinesis is mind over matter and it is the ability to move or manipulate objects with the mind. The position normally taken by scientist and skeptics is that any apparent evidence of this ability is the result of fraud. As we get stronger and better at it we might be able to move or lift heavier things Telekinesis takes great focus and it would help to meditate and practice frequently but this is not required A theory on Telekinesis is that energy flows where our attention goes and our attention goes where our focus goes one fact is we are all made of the same energy we must simply connect with whatever we are trying to move Telekinesis is the basis of many powers that are based on controlling and manipulating it may evolve to a point that a Telekinetic may be able to move anything at a subatomic level Telekinesis events have been recored throughout the world but is often dismissed and thus many people do not believe its true exsitance.


Energy handEdit

Relax your mind and visualise energy flowing in your body.visualise the energy taking shape of a hand and making the pen takes a lot of practice to do this .or you can make an energy construct and program to move the pen.

more techs comin soon.......