What are Starseeds?Edit

Starseeds or Celestialkin are people who believe their core is that of a being from another planetary body then our own, starseeds range from all shapes and sizes some even humans like ourselves from another planet incarnated here. Some believe they came here with a purpose others believe they got stuck here when our solar system/galaxy was cut off from the others through what they believed were "space gates"  even their own Pantheon Gods and goddesses, further down I will give a few types of starseed races.

Types of StarseedsEdit

Reptilians-Reptile starseeds

Greys- Ancient gray colored starseeds

Pleadians-Human-like starseeds

Sirians-Range from humanoid felines, canines, and humans

Arcturians- A race that looks similar to angels

Lyrians- Human-like starseeds

Indigo/Crystal People- humans from another planetary body who believe they were sent here to raise the vibrations of earth and it's inhabitants.