A sigil is a magickal symbol that represents the creators desire. Commonly sigils are used to manifest a desired out come,but they can also be used for other purposes. To cast a sigil one must enter a state of gnosis. Gnosis is when your mind goes completely blank. There are many ways to enter gnosis including meditation,reaching orgasm,and have extreme amounts of pain being inflicted on you. DO NOT ever inflict pain on your self to activate a sigil. If you are having trouble reaching gnosis try using sex magick in casting a sigil.  

For those who are asexual, celibate, underage, or who just don't want to use "sex magick", pain is an okay alternative. HOWEVER, do NOT go overboard with it. Moving a finger close, but NOT TOO CLOSE, to a lighter is go enough.

How to make a Sigil Edit

There are many ways to make a sigil. The most basic way is to draw your symbol on a piece of paper and cast the spell. Any symbol can become a sigil if you take the proper steps. Some people write the sigils on virgen paper to increase their effects,but it's not proven that it works. Many people frown upon using the same sigil twice. If you are having trouble making new sigils try modifing a sigil you used in the past. 

Different types of Sigils Edit

While symbols are the most common sigils there are another type of sigils. You can use other objects like a watch as a mobile sigil. If you want to be really discreat sigil you can turn purfumes into sigils.