What is a Shield? Edit

Shield are Energy Constructs programmed with the intent of protecting the psion who makes them (or whoever he or she makes them for). What they protect from depends on the user; they are usually made to ward off and stop foreign energies from attacking or touching the maker.

What can it do? Edit

Shields are made to protect the user, their surroundings, house, or any object imbued. Shields can be made to reflect foreign energies, transmute into personal energy, attack enemies who are attacking you, and even drain those attacks to charge and protect you better. Shields are also considered wards.

Limitations Edit

  • If you do not know how programming works, it will hinder your defenses.
  • How well it protects you depends on how you visualize and will it to work.
  • Too many programs in a shield may lower its success rate.
  • Draining, corrupting, and consuming attacks may shatter and turn your shields against you.
  • Active shields drain you as long as they are up.
  • If rushed and incorrectly set up, may not work at all.