These are the rules of the site. Breaking the rules could result in varying ban lengths.

  1. No sexual harassment.
  2. All members staff and non-staff will respect each other
  3. No advertising other sites unless giving them credit for content. You have to ask the the site to take their page first. Taking it with out permission is illegal
  4. Before making a page make it a blog and specify that you want it to be a page. A admin will review it.
  5. Only members with a account can make a page
  6. Spam and trolling will not be tolerated.
  7. No posting 18+ content.
  8. Keep swearing to a minimal.
  9. No talking about the recreational use of drugs. You can talk about the issues concerning drugs.
  10. No homophobic,sexist,racist,or any other discriminating content is tolerated.