Remote Viewing Edit

Remote Viewing allows a viewer to use his or her clairvoyant abilities to "view", or gather information on a target, which can be any object, place, person, etc., which is hidden from physical view of the viewer. The target can be separated from the viewer in space by a significant distance, and is sometimes separated in time (in the future or past) as well.

What is Remote Viewing? Edit

Remote Viewing means beaming your inquisitive third eye into the future or past to data mine for emotions, thoughts, or even to project manipulation tactics if you're powerful enough. Remote Viewing is using your Empathy or telepathic abilities (or any Psi Ability) along a time line. Therefore, it's a third dimensional application of the mental abilities we're already innately built with.

More About Remote Viewing Edit

Remote viewing can be used to be of tremendous help, or harm to yourself & others. Many psychics are naturally born with the intuition to be in the right place, or to associate with the right people at the right times. Some physics are powerful enough to project the feelers throughout the world, constantly collecting data that will guide them to make the right decisions -- or the wrong decisions. Ultimately, it's based on how happy or depressed you are - what emotional frequency are your surfing on? Any human, not only strong physics, have the ability to manifest their own realities. These automatic feelers that we all send out is an example of using Remote Viewing subconsciously. Bonus: if powerful enough, you can control these feelers. Essentially projecting several copies of yourself into the world. You can have the copies send our powerful emotions of love, lust, anger to the Empathic Links you have with people - if strong enough, you can astral project yourself and manipulate them physically.