Pyrokinesis, also known as PyroK, is the psychic ability to increase the temperature or in more specific scientific terms manipulating the vibrations in atoms to the point of ignition. Anybody that wants to start in Pyrokinesis will usually start with an exercise called "Dancing Flame" where you will be able to move a candle fire back and forth. The more advanced users are able to disperse and reheat the candle flame with only their mind. Pyrokinesis is one of most popular kinesis second only to Telekinesis mostly because who doesn't want to control fire? Understand though that going into Pyrokinesis means that you have to develop a relationship with fire which you can achieve through different exercises that will be state below.

Pyrokinetic Exercises Edit

Metaphorically people who have fire inside of them are compassionate and ambitious in their actions. It seems like you get hit but you keep going because the fire inside you wills it to.

As to developing one, you have the embrace the idea of fire and how important it is for our everyday lives. In a sense you'll start to appreciate how the fire in people make us feel so alive.

Now one of my favorite meditations to develop a real and concrete relationship with fire:

1. You get in a meditation stance, start slowing down your breathing with each inhale and exhale.

2. Now close your eyes and visualize a campfire going in front of you. You picture whatever is in the background whether it be the woods, a rooftop, a cave or just in your garage. The most important part is the beautiful flame which is in front of you where you control the fire and will it to get higher and lower.

3. While your eyes are closed, put your hands out to the fire and establish a link between you and the fire where you are feeding of it's energy (imagine the energy as red atoms that are slowly building up in front of you). Visualize the energy entering your palms and go up going from your heart and easing to your head.

4. This is a good time to get lost in thoughts of compassion such as dreams, love and ambition. Picture all those happening around you while the campfire is still in front of you. Build the fire inside of you, let it grow do not let anything back and watch as that fire dwindles and ignite almost effortlessly.

5. Once you think you have gone through all the thoughts that you want to release for that moment, put out the fire but slowly. Start at it's peak and go down until nothing is left. Open your eyes now. You feel that? It feels good right?