What are Polymorphs?Edit

Polymorphs are a form of otherkin who believe they are by core a being that has the ability to shift into anything, now the misconception is they can be anything they choose which is NOT true. Polymorphs before they incarnate can only become or feel the phantom limbs of the beings they have either seen, or touched. Polymorphs can gain the appearance ONLY of the being they see or touch.

Some polymorphs need only see what they desire to turn into others must touch it. Some polymorphs can also mimic inanimate objects such as stone or metal or have capability to change their own consistency making themselves capable of going through solids.

Those capable of mimicking consistency may also be able to mimic physical traits of forms they mimic such as jumping higher because the forms muscle structure allows for such. However a polymorph will NEVER be able to mimic or copy the abilities of the form or it's energy signature.

Types of PolymorphsEdit

Fae Polymorphs