Manifestation is the Art ability to manifest events and things aound you. This can range from money, love, even from events that may seem a bit impossible


to use this power, all you have to do is focus on what you want and nothing else. In about a week, what you were thinking about should come to you. It's like magic but you are using your mind to produce the supernatural effect, not words and magic circles.

Destiny JournalismEdit

With this technique you can control the events/situations that happen around you by writing want you want to happen in a journal or on a piece of paper.

1.Find something to write on about the event/situation that you'd like to take place.

2.Write the date/time you'd like the situation to take place

3.Right it as if it's actually happen at the very moment, Really feel like your having the experience.

4. Put your tools away and go about your day, If you're faithful and detached then your desire shall take place.

Tip: Start out with just trying to write about a single event or situation taking place. Then work your way on up. Trying to manifest something on an epic scale will generate a lot of resistance against that will prevent that manifestation from taking place.

*Note from another author:

Intent is a force that guides energy. If you can learn effective control over intent and energy, then the "four months" time period will shrink drastically.

credits:- THE SECRET by RHONDA Byrne