What are Kitsune?Edit

Kitsune or kitsune otherkin are mythological foxes with more than one tail who are incarnated into a human form, kitsune are all children of Inari while some follow her others do not, kitsune are very tribal like beings in the etheric and possible other planes beyond. There are noble ones who are of different stature then tribal and those are direct descendents of Inari or a noble Nogitsune. In the physical they are simple foxes in a certain part of the world, but in the spiritual they are beings who hold different abilities in each tail they obtain through their spiritual journey all up to 9-10 tails. 

Types of KitsuneEdit

Kitsune and NogitsuneEdit

The kitsune are an aspect of the elements, meaning that they have ties to their abilities from each of these. The elements are broken down into 13 categories and the kitsune are divided into each type:

Kaze (Wind)

Chikyu (Earth)

Kasai (Fire)

Kawa (River)

Tengoku (Heaven or light energy)

Sanda (Thunder)

Yama (Mountain)

Kukan (Void or dark energy)

Seishin (Spirit or Aether)

Jikan (Time)

Mori (Forest)

Umi (Ocean)

Ongaku (Music)