What is Etheric Projection Edit

Etheric projection or "spiritual" projection is a projection/OBE to the spiritual plane a plane where souls go and other worldly beings exist. To us the etheric is spiritual, but to them it is their physical but less dense then our own. Energy there is more accessible and tangible. This plane is also considered to be purgatory to some which is a common misconception as purgatory is a plane in itself. The Etheric is usually accessed for first timers through BioLocation and crossing the gap into the Ethereal Plane. This plane can be accessed either through half projection which is Bi-location or through full projection which is projecting the soul out of the body and into the etheric body or as some call it "our true selves" this plane was once part of the physical but was split due to what we call the "Veil" and is less dense then our physical plane.


Techniques(recommend Astral &/or BioLocation first) Edit