Energy Manipulation is the ability to control the energy around us. Users of this ability can absorb,release,and move energy. Some users can make constructs out of energy and program them to carry out tasks.This ability is considered one of the building blocks of psionics and magick. Despite its initial simplicity advanced users of energy manipulation can creat very powerful constructs like shields and seals.

Moving Energy Edit

This is a very basic exercise to get you used to sensing energy. Get comfy and relax. Visualize the energy in your body flowing up and down. You should start feeling a sensation,for me I feel tingling but it's different for everyone. If you don't feel anything relax. Everyone is diffrent and it takes longer for diffrent people.

Absorbing Energy Edit

This is also a very basic exercise it is very useful when you are low on energy. You can absorb energy from anything, but living things like plants, animals, and humans have way more energy then a inanimate object will. There is also energy all around you that you can absorb. Taking to much energy from a human being will make the victim feel tired, and in extream cases can result in damage to their energy system. Don't drain your pets for energy. They will feel it. Absorbing to much energy will result in damage to your own energy system. To absrob energy visualize energy coming from what ever your taking from into you.

Releasing Energy Edit

This exercise is useful if you have to much energy. Releasing to much energy can have negative effects. To release energy simply visualize the energy leaving your body.