What are Elven?Edit

Elven or elven otherkin are people who believe themselves in their core to be incarnations of this ancient race of beings that exist within the ethereal plane and other planes beyond. Elven are depicted as point eared beings who work with what's called "flow magick" whereas is not entirely wrong. Their social heirarchy differs from tribes to nobles. Elven are a humble race of beings and tend to keep to themselves..there's 3 types of elven that exist and will be explained in the "Types of Elven" section below. This race tends to differ from the other fae races.

Types of ElvenEdit

High Elven- Elven race who uses light energy and follow Lady Hemera(if they so choose to)

Dark Elven- Elven who uses dark energy and follow  Lady Nyx(if they so choose to)

Wood Elven- Elven who uses the energy of the earth and follow Mother Gaia (if they choose to)