What are dragons?Edit


Dragon otherkin or Dragonkin are humans who believe themselves to be a dragon at their core, dragons exist in the etheral plane and other plane beyond that, Dragons society differs depending on their social heirarcy there's dragons of nobility/royalty, tribal dragons, and feral. Dragons have a draconic humanoid form and a full dragon form if they are tribal to noble while the feral simply have their full dragon form, dragons scales usually rage from different colors and often displays their elemental affinity in the etheric which will be explained lower in the "Types of Dragons" portion. Dragons range from eastern dragons, western dragons, chinese dragons, Nagas, etc.

Types of DragonsEdit

Red- Fire dragons

Blue- Water dragons or "hydras"

Brown- Earthen dragons

Light Blue- Air dragons

Black/darker blue- dark energy dragons

White- Light energy Dragons

Other colors- normal or Multispectral

Now the more rare types

Gold- unknown

Grey- Time

Purple- Psychic or Poison