Chronokinesis is the manipulation of one's perception of time, with this ability a person could bend time according to their will and perception, no one elses. I am going to explain the basis of my techniques when doing chronokinesis and the properties of space and time and the general structure of it. It helps to have a good understanding of physics and chemistry especially intermolecular forces and the ways in which particles behave in various conditions and the basics of human chemistry (biochemsitry)

Techniques:- (speeding up/slowing down)

Meditate for a while,when you are fully relaxed,concentrate and visualize a large space of tiny blue particles within the area and visualize them vibrating at a normal frequency/ speed. Now using will power and visualization make ki come from your hera and out from your hand and surround the tiny blue particles. Using will power and visualization make the time particles within that area move faster and faster. Now visualize a replica of your body in front of you and visualize tiny blue particles making up the entirety of your body surrounded by ki energy. Visualize them vibrating at normal speed. Now zoom out and visualize the contrast in the speed of time particles within you and that specific area. if it helps hear a clock's dial ticking faster and visualize a clocks dial doing that.

Do the same if u have to slow down the time just visualize time particles getting slow.