What is Bi-Location? Edit

Bi-Location is an OBE projection in which the psion projects themselves into multiple areas at the same time. Being capable of sensing,seeing and percieving in the multiple locations in which they maintain their projection in.

An example of Bi-Location would be a person projecting to both the astral plane and biolocating in front of their house and being capable of switching consciousness between the two areas.They have to already be advanced in sensing in order to distinguish this.

Bi-location is often confused with biolocation.This is not the case, as biolocation is the ability for one to project their consciousness to an area on the physical plane,sense around there,etc while Bi-Location is where a person is in multiple areas at once and can switch freely between each.

Capabilities/Usages of Bi-Location Edit

The user of bi-location usually has the intent of multi tasking in different areas or looking around them.Because Bi-Location uses up more energy and patience that any other projection due to being in multiple different areas at once,as a result it is the most exhausting one and is rather difficult. It isn't used without a very good reason behind it.