What are Angel Otherkin

Angel otherkin are beings of light and "true source" from the one known as Hemera, angels originate from the same place/source (some call it Heaven) then expanded from there through falling or leaving on their own and forming their own groups. Angels were originally created as warriors for the God they are over. Some believe they are Psychologically angels but in my opinion that simply does not exist on a psychological basis, some Angels are fallen gods "reborn" as Angels or manifested from two angelic parents (as birth does not work the same way it does with most beings)

Types of Angels

  • Seraphim Angel
  • Cherubim Angel
  • Basic Angel

Note: These are races of angels where as each race can aquire the title "Archangel" which is similar to a general in the Military, a seraphim will be a higher form of Arch then a Cherubim or Basic Angel..this only applies to non fallen/incarnated but still with the heavens.